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Nature Wedding

My Icelandic wedding is about me and my husband Scott he is generous and is really nice any way the story starts at home. i woke up at my friend Brooks

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Cheap airfare to Iceland

How can I get a cheap airfare to Iceland, what is the best way to get a fairly priced flights to Reykjavik Iceland?

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Iceland airlines

Going to Iceland with Iceland airlines is probably most exotic thing that you have done.

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Places to visit in Iceland

Places to visit in Iceland are many and magnificent. They vary and it all depends on what you are interested in.

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The Blue Lagoon in Iceland

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is most visited tourist place in Iceland both by Icelanders and foreign tourists. The health benefits of green algae in the water has so much healing power.

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What is all the big fuss about Eyjafjallajokull? As you probably know all it is because of the air traffic.

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Iceland Blue Lagoon

Have you ever wondered how paradise would look like? Iceland Blue lagoon is a paradise on earth. I and my husband went there for a treat 2 days before Christmas.

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Flights to Iceland

Flights to Iceland have different duration time depending on what city you are flying from. Tips on planing your trip and more.

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Flights to Reykjavik Iceland

Flights to Reykjavik Iceland are form many Cities most of them lend in Keflavik airport. Learn about visa to Iceland and hot and cool things to do.

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My girlfriend is from Iceland, we live in California, US. I love my live. :

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Come on u guys :)

What are you all about ???? What are you looking for ?? Do you think with your d... ?? Well I do not even wanna go there o ??? I just feel sorry for you

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Iceland Budget Restaurants

If you want to grab a bite but not spent that much Iceland budget restaurants is it.

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American Restaurants in Reykjavik

Maybe you want to be on the save side and eat somewhere you know the menu and the standards, American Restaurants in Reykjavik are maybe the right places for you.

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Restaurants in Iceland

Are you looking for Restaurants in Iceland? It is easy we have some great choice of all kinds of cuisine.

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Icelandic Italian restaurants

Where Are the Best Icelandic Italian Restaurants? Don´t you love crunchy pizzas, garlic bread and all the goodies these Italian restaurants have?

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Icelandic Oriental cuisine

Do you want to spice up your live a little bit? Why not try out some Icelandic Oriental cuisine.

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Cost of Eating Out

Cost of eating out is for most very relevant part of eating out. Get some details on how much your restaurant trip will cost roughly.

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Icelandic Restaurants

If you love to go out and eat here are some very good tips on Icelandic Restaurants.

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The sun of my life ... where is she ???

Well, my name is MAX !!! I'm a single man of 45 years old and I would like to meet a nice warm icelandic single lady around 35-40 years old !!! I'm a nice

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Vegetarian Restaurants

Are you the healthy guy? If so we have several very good vegetarian restaurants that I personaly can highly recommend.

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Reykjavik Seafood Restaurants

Do you love seafood? Reykjavik Seafood Restaurants is then the place for you, no matter if you are looking for new style fish courses, sushi or grandma style they got it all.

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Reykjavik hottest Steakhouses

Some people are more into fish when others are more kind of meat persons, if you are one of them try out some of our Reykjavik hottest steakhouses.

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International Restaurant

Are you into International Restaurant and cooking? Take a look at our best and fanciest restaurants in Iceland.

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Icelandic Christmas Buffet

Icelandic Christmas Buffet is very similar between restaurants both in courses and prices. The buffet usually begins in mid of November and last through December.

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Restaurants by the Harbor

Are you looking for Restaurants by the harbor? Well we have few and they are growing in numbers these minutes.

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Icelandic Restaurants South

Are you planning on a daytrip to south of Iceland? There are many Icelandic restaurants south which you can choose from, here are my four favorites.

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Reykjanes Peninsula Restaurants

Reykjanes Peninsula Restaurants are famous for the fish and excellent service. If you are planning a trip to the peninsula you could spend your day exploring and end it with a nice dinner.

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Icelandic Restaurants North

I love to visit Akureyri and their Icelandic restaurants North. We just went on a little trip with our new born baby, and it was so much fun. Akureyri is somehow different from the capital city.

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Icelandic Restaurant West

Would you like to dine at some of the Icelandic restaurant West? Some of my guests at my guesthouse plan a daytrip to the Snaefellsnes peninsula.

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Restaurants downtown Reykjavik

Imation you are now at the bus terminal Hlemmur. You have decided to take a walking tour through the center of Reykjavik and take a look at the most popular restaurants downtown Reykjavik.

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Restaurants near Skeifan Reykjavik

Here are some of my favorite Restaurants near Skeifan Reykjavik. Are you staying near Skeifan or Sudurlandsbraut? Take a look at this map, pick your choose and visit.

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Restaurants in Hafnafjodur

Restaurants in Hafnafjodur are many but here are just few of them. They also have great coffee houses, bakeries and more.

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Restaurants in Kopavogur

Restaurants in Kopavogur are few, most of them are located in Smaralind the big shopping mall or near by it.

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Reykjavik Bars

Reykjavik bars are famous for their night live. If you are into a night out at the town, Reykjavik is your place.

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Icelandic Viking Restaurants

Wouldn’t you say that trying out an Icelandic Viking Restaurants could bring you an intrusting story to tell when you come home?

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Hot Icelandic Girls

Hot Icelandic girls are everywhere in Iceland. We often hear that we have so many beautiful and hot girls.

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Icelandic Moss

Do you need a miracle herb? Icelandic moss is the one. The Iceland moss (Cetraria islandica), is lichen and called “fjallagros” (mountain grasses) .

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Icelandic Health

What is Icelandic health? Some measure the health in how long people live.

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Icelandic Cod

Icelandic cod is the most valuable fish in Icelandic fishing grounds. We export most of it.

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Food and Fun in Iceland

Wouldn't it be nice to visit Iceland on Food and Fun festival in Iceland? Read all about the festival here

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Iceland Fish

Iceland fish play a big role in income and earnings for the Icelandic people. We the Icelandic people are first and foremost fishermen.

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Icelandic Recipes

Icelandic recipes with fish ingredients are popular in Iceland because it was our main source of food and we had to come up with different recipes to have some variety from day to day.

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Iceland Omega 3

Iceland omega 3 is very important for our memory and mood. Deficiency in Omega 3 can lead to depression and low moods.

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Icelandic Fish Oil

The main manufacture of Icelandic fish oil in Iceland is Lysi. They have been manufacturing fish oil since 1938.

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Iceland Road Map

Iceland road map is essential when driving in Iceland. You can either buy one at the next book store or get one here

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Budget car rental Iceland

If your coming to Iceland and you are wondering how to find a budget car rental Iceland here is a good information that can help you.

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Icelandic 4x4

Icelandic 4x4 trips are becoming more and more popular in Iceland.

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Icelandic 4x4 club

We have Icelandic 4x4 club which go together. They have experienced people amongst them which guide other the right way.

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How to knit

How to knit the Icelandic way

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Icelandic wedding

Do you dream of Icelandic wedding? How, were, what and more answers are on this website.

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