Iceland vacation

Iceland vacation can be one time experience because the landscape and the culture is very different from what one is used to. Reykjavik Iceland and travel with your partner is a perfect combination.

Iceland is one of the few places in Europe were the land is completely incorrupt You'll discover original nature as you've never seen it before, and the equally original people for whom timeless nature, ancient heritage and modern lifestyle coexist in harmony. The average height is around 500 m above sea level. The highland is uninhabitable so the residents (around 300.000) live along the coast. Nearly half of the population live in Reykjavik and its neighboring towns. Glaciers cover over 11 percent of the country.

We are fishermen and are very relative on how much the fishermen fish. Our most valuable fish is cod but the funny part about it is that we don't eat it our self's. We mainly eat a similar fish which is named haddock. Once Icelanders used to eat fish very often and it was the food for the working class but now it is looked up on as luxury food. Fast growing profession is tourism so you can find very good Iceland vacations or Iceland vacation package.

Blue Lagoon

How pure can water be?
I one's heard a story about a Icelandic company that was going to export Icelandic water. They were going to export it in big tangs and pack it abroad. The company abroad asked the Icelandic company for some samples of the water to do some test for the authorities.

They got the samples and began the test. In the beginning they thought there machine were broken because all toxic level showed cero. So they tried there own water to see if the machines were rely broken. The machines were fine, they showed lots of toxic in there own water. So they asked for a new sample one that had not been fixed. The Icelanders didn't rely know what they were talking about and just send them there usual tap water. Again the toxic level showed cero so they asked for a third example. The third time there were no toxic and the scientists finally got it. We have the purest water in the world. This is a true story.

If you visit Iceland just ask for the tap water it is over 1000 years old and it is totally pure. The one thing you can save on in Iceland is the water bill.

Iceland visitor can do various things. Here are list of few things you can do.

All year around Iceland vacation
Whale watching
Horse tours
Sightseeing and excursions
Iceland ice skating rink
Reykjavik Tours

Summer time
Iceland golf
River Rafting

Winter time
Skiing (We have one summer skiing place Kerlingarfjöll open from July-August)
Northern lights

Travel to Iceland
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Iceland air
Iceland air is the biggest airline in Iceland. It is the oldest airline company in Iceland. It was founded in 1937 but in 1979 they began to use the name Icelandair.
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Places to visit in Iceland
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What is all the big fuss about Eyjafjallajokull? As you probably know all it is because of the air traffic.
Icelandic epic
Icelandic epic literature was written down some two centuries after the island was settled in the 9th century. . Here you can find all the info about Icelandic history.
Iceland flag
Iceland flag, the national flag of Iceland is a sky-blue rectangle with a snow-white cross and a fiery-red cross in the middle of the white cross.
Icelandic sweater
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Vikings found Iceland on there way to Faro islands. They must have catch a storm and drifted of the way.
Woman’s day
Woman's day is Icelandic old day when Góa starts
Hot Icelandic Girls
Hot Icelandic girls are everywhere in Iceland. We often hear that we have so many beautiful and hot girls.
Physical map of iceland
physical map of iceland
Icelandic Health
What is Icelandic health? Some measure the health in how long people live.
Icelandic wedding
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Contact Iceland vacation information
Contact Iceland vacation information
Reykjanes Peninsula Restaurants
Reykjanes Peninsula Restaurants are famous for the fish and excellent service. If you are planning a trip to the peninsula you could spend your day exploring and end it with a nice dinner.