The Best Icelandic Restaurants

If you love to go out and eat here are some very good tips on Icelandic Restaurants.

Don’t you love to go out and eat? I just love all these Icelandic restaurants so much that I sometimes either eat too much or eat something that is not good for me. I sometimes feel I was a princess in former live because I just love to get a good service, you can probably agree with me on that one, I mean the service ;)

We have so many restaurants in Reykjavik and all over Iceland, how do you choose? You can choose from steakhouses to international restaurants to vegetarians and seafood. Some restaurant even specializes in Viking or traditional Icelandic food.

Some tourists ask me where to eat and I ask them back, what are you looking for? Indian or Asian restaurants, maybe cheap eat or are you looking for some Italian restaurants?

I say we have it all even the American chains.

Don´t know what is cheap and what isn’t? I have prepared a scale with $ up to $$$$ signs to help you out. Take a look at how you can estimated your cost of eating out.

I thing tourist agree on that we have great food especially if you like fish or lamb which is practically a wild animal.

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    Best Seafood Icelandic restaurants
    Check out the Best seafood Icelandic restaurants. You won’t get a fresher fish elsewhere. We are the best of the best when it comes to fish. You can get everything from high class French cooking to Grandma Fish Cakes. More about Seafood Restaurants.

    Reykjavik hottest Steakhouses
    If you are a meat eater you have to check this out. Iceland has some of the world’s best steakhouses right in center of Reykjavik. Check them out here.

    Vegetarians for some healthy snakes or meal
    Some like it healthy or just healthy in between steaks either way you can get a great vegetarians food in Reykjavik. See here were to eat healthy.

    Reykjavik Cheap eats
    It is maybe too expensive to go out and eat 3 course meals every night so if you want to save money but don´t want to bother making your own meals take a look at Reykjavik cheap eats.

    Icelandic most popular pups and bars
    Are you planning a night out? Don´t know where to go? Here are some hot tips on where the best places are to have a really good night.

    Christmas buffet
    Every year many Icelandic restaurants have this great delicious buffet with all the goodies you can thing of for the holydays. Check out our list where the best Christmas buffets are.

    Iceland Restaurants by Cuisine

    Reykjavik Asian and Indians Restaurants
    I know you are in Iceland but you just love Asian or Indian food, why not try some with Icelandic ingredients. You know I would do it. You don´t need to eat fish all nights try out some of these fabulous Reykjavik’s Asian and Indian Restaurants.

    The best Icelandic Italian Restaurants
    mmmm Italian food is sooo good and the Icelandic people know it so we have several great Italian Restaurants. Try some of the best Icelandic Italian Restaurants out.

    Best International Icelandic Restaurants
    If you have a big moment in your live and want to celebrate in a fancy restaurant you have come to the right place. Take a look at our Best International Restaurants.

    Viking and traditional Icelandic Restaurants
    Have you never tasted traditional food or Viking food? Maybe you should you never know how good it is unless you try it out. Take a look at our : Viking and traditional Icelandic Restaurants.

    American restaurant in Iceland
    Do you want to be sure of what you are getting no surprises then just visit a restaurant that you already know. We have some of American restaurants chains in Iceland. Take a look at them here.

    Iceland Restaurants by Neighborhood

    Most of the Icelandic restaurants are in 101 down town, we are not that big city but some good restaurant are outside 101 which you might have to get a taxi to if you are staying in 101.

    The best Restaurants in downtown Reykjavik
    Reykjavik downtown probably has the most selection of different kind of restaurants so if you are not sure what you want you should go down town Reykjavik and walk by some of the Icelandic restaurants and check them out and choose the one you like.

    The Restaurants down by the harbor
    Reykjavik city has just newly started a program to increase restaurants by the harbor and we have already a few of them. Take a look at our list here of the restaurants around the Reykjavik harbor.

    Restaurants near the Skeifan Reykjavik
    We have a few restaurants near Skeifan. Many of them are American chains but not all. Take a look of them here.

    Restaurants in neighboring community
    Are you not staying down town Reykjavik or you just wanted to drive to our neighbor towns? Take a look at some of the restaurants that are situated in Kopavogur or Hafnafjodur

    Akureyris Best restaurants
    Many of the tourists either drive to north Iceland or they take a flight to Akureyri. If so Akureyri has some of the best restaurants in Iceland. Akureyri is well worth visiting it is a bit different from Reykjavik, much smaller and people are very nice. (They are also nice in Reykjavik ;)) Take a look at my favored restaurants in Akureyri

    Reykjanes peninsula restaurants
    Are you planning a daytrip from Reykjavik to Reykjanes peninsula? There are some very fine restaurants you can visit. Take a look at Reykjanes peninsula restaurants here.

    Restaurants in the South of Iceland
    Some people rent a car and drive the golden circle which is part of south of Iceland. If you are one of them plan to dine at one of very nice restaurants in the south, it is just on the way to Reykjavik. This will be a nice day tour, a day to remember. Here is a list of Restaurants in South of Iceland.

    Restaurants in West of Iceland
    West Iceland is very beautiful and some take a daytrip to Snaefellsnes peninsula or even take a ferri to Vestfirðir from Stykkilsholmur(or you can drive or fly). Here are some Restaurants in West of Iceland.

    Tips at the bottom.
    If you love to go out and eat and you are vegetarian but not your group or you have a special need of some kind, just call the restaurant you are planning on going to one day ahead and they will prepare something special for you. I always do that and the chefs continue to surprise me.

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