What is the cost of eating out in Reykjavik and Iceland?

Wouldn´t you want to know little bit forehand?

Unless someone else is paying most of us want to know roughly the cost of eating out before we enter the restaurant.

To help you estimate your cost I have put up a scetual which you can see roughly what the main course costs. It will not tell you what the whole meal will cost since you might want to order something else then just the main course.

This is just for you to get the idea of how cheap or expensive one restaurant in comparing to other. The rate of the Icelandic Krona can changes, I try to updated this information as often as I can but you should check for yourself how the rate is on your currency. Some restaurants have different menu and different price for lunch and I usually looked at the dinner menu. You can often get a good price on lunch menu and many restaurants offers lunch buffet which is very desirable food and many different courses. The price is just a fraction of dinner price menu.

$ Less than $10
$$ Between $10 - $20
$$$ Between $20 - $30
$$$$ Over $30

Taxes and Tips
Taxes on food in Iceland is 7% but when you calculate your cost of eating out you don´t have to add them to your food bill since it is already included. It is not a custom to pay tips in Iceland but some restaurants have jars for tips and are extra glad when someone gives them tips.

What to drink while eating out?
I recommend the Icelandic water, and don´t buy it just get the tap water. We got the best tap water in the world it is much better then bottled water. I have not tasted as good water else were as Icelandic tap water. And on your traveling just buy one bottle and refill it again whenever it is empty. I am so amazed how much bottle water we sell when you can get better water out of your sink and it is mostly tourist that don´t know better and think it saver to get bottled water.

Here is a bit of a warning: If you are planning on drinking wine your cost of eating out could multiply because wine and spirits are heavily taxed. You could get only a glass or two of your favorite wine because all the restaurants sell wine in glasses or you can get a bottle on the table as usual.

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