Places to visit in Iceland

Places to visit in Iceland are many and magnificent. They vary and it all depends on what you are interested in.

Places to visit in Iceland if you are interested in Icelandic saga would be Museums and there are many of them in Iceland. If your interested in Iceland adventure travel the places to visit are plenty and many opportunities for action and adventure. Whether you are more into hiking or enjoying the landscape from a mountain jeep, you should find something suitable. For the ones that needs more adrenalin rush there are also something form them. Take a look at some of hour fames places Iceland

Are you into jeeps, super jeeps or 4x4. Iceland is the right place to visit.

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More places to visit in Iceland are:


Places to visit in Iceland in south:

Golden circle has few places to visit in Iceland. When you are on your way at the circle you will stop at the famous hot spring Geysir and the beautiful waterfall Golden fall. Some tours often stop at Thingvellir were the parliament was founded in the year 930.

Þingvellir (Thingvellir) national park is exciting place for many reasons. It is were the Icelandic parliament was founded in the year 930.

Blue lagoon one thing you must see. Lagoon with hot seawater that are in a magnificent surroundings. If you are interested in reading more about the Blue lagoon click here.

Westan Islands is a small archipelago off the south coast of Iceland. It has the biggest puffins population of Iceland. The biggest island has a fisherman village.

Þorsmork (Thorsmork) can’t bee described in words, it is something you have to experience your self. It is situated in the south of Iceland in between mountains. You have to take a bus or a superjeep because of the rivers (and sometimes deadly rivers) that has to be crossed over. Þorsmork is the Icelandic Eden if Eden still exist.

Glacier adventure on a super jeep is unforgettable. There are many companies that have day tours to Glaciers in Iceland. Some of them even provide food and some other activities in one packaged.

Jökulsárlón is a lake made by the glacier Breiðamerkurjökull which is a part of Vatnajökull. Jökulsárlón is separated from the sea by only a short distance, and that could be a problem in the future because of denudation.

Landmannnalaugar has hot springs were one can bathe, both at summer times and winter times, that is if it is accessible due to snow. Landmannalaugar lies in the center of Iceland. It has beautiful surrounding mountains maid out of rhyolite, so it looks like it is always sunshine there.


Places to visit in Iceland in west:

Borgarfjordur has few places to visit in Iceland. Reykholt is one of them. For many years it was the an important school in Iceland and it is most famous for that Snorri Sturluson lived here. He is a famous poet and a writer. Remaining of his farm, hot pot and a tunnel between the bath and his house can still be visited.

Husafell is also situated in Borgarfjodur. It has many interesting places to visit in Iceland because of the natural wonders around it. Hraunfossar is a beatifull waterfall that comes out of the lava. There are also many very long caves, some of them are more than 1 km. It is also easy to access the glacier Langjogull from Husafell. Husafell has also very nice swimming pool.

Snæfellsjökull has a little mystery, it is believed that the glacier has mystical power and it has drawn people all over the world to visit it ever since Jules Verne wrote “The Journey to the Centre of the Earth”. Snaefellsjokull is a national park.

Flatey is the biggest island of uncountable islands on Breidafjord. It has many old beautiful houses, church and lovely atmosphere. You can take a ferryboat from Stykkilsholur see some wild bird, eat some wild shellfish from your own catch.

Hornstrandir is only for those how have wings or sail a boat because to Hornstrandir lies no road. That is why it is so magnificent and peaceful. The nature is untouched here. Only few old house from the past, it is like the time has stopped here.

Northern lights are only visible at the winter and only on a cold winter night will they expose them self’s. It savory to see such a beautiful lights dance in the sky.

Whale watching would be something that would touch your heart. To see this wild, wise animals, that are so peaceful and living in there own environment. On a lovely sunny day take a boat trip and feel the smell of the see in your face it is like feeling freedom.


Places to visit in Iceland in north:

Akureyri is the biggest town in northern Iceland. It is very beautiful there. It has a famous church and many old charming houses. You should also visit the Christmas house.

Myvatn is one of the Icelandic wonders. Hot lava ran in to the lake Myvatn many years ago and made very interesting pictures out of stones. Myvatn has also natural pools so you should bring your swimming shoots.


Places to visit in Iceland in east:

Hallormstadarskogur is one of the biggest forrest in Iceland. It is peaceful and relaxing to stay at the tenting place in Hallormstadarskogur.

Seydirsfjordur is were the ferry comes from Europe. Many take there cars with them on the ferry and travel on there own.
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