What is all the big fuss about Eyjafjallajokull? As you probably know all it is because of the air traffic.

It all began with an innocent eruption at Fimmvorduhals. We were very happy with this eruption, it was so good for the tourism. Many people were coming and taking photos. Some rented a helicopter, others drove while still other walked for 5 hours. Many took beautiful pictures and had great time when some didn’t know there limited’s and did not know how to prepare them self’s. Police and rescue units often stopped people on just jeans and sneakers walking up when it was as cold as -20°C.

The sad part about this eruption was a terrible accident when 3 people got lost while they were trying to find a good view. They took a root which there car was not fit for and when they had no more gasoline one of them went for a walk to get some help (this was the first big mistake which they did, always stay in the car and wait for help, it is much easier to find a car then one man alone in the nature). When two of his fellow traveler had waited for help for them it seems too long another one went for a walk in ice cold weather to get some help. In the end 2 people were found dead the first one 11 km from the car another one 700 meters and one alive walking but very cold and hungry.

Icelandic nature is cruel and you should always prepare yourself for the worst.

View Iceland - Eyjafjallajokull in a larger map When this tourist eruption finished April 11th everything was still for 3 days. Then Eyjafjallajokull began to spew ash over Iceland and Europe. This was not a tourist eruption, Fimmvorduhals was just like a little drill for the big one. Many people had to leave there homes and go to a save area. I was watching TV near Reykjavik far away from the eruption but on the TV screen it was constantly saying people on certain farms to leave there homes and animals because there was a big flood on the way.

After few days we were told that there would not be any more flooding because the ice had melded and also that ash from the glacier would change to lava because there was no more ice but the ash keeps on coming and making more trouble for those who wants to travel by air.

Hopefully this eruption will be short or change from ash eruption to lava.

Some news people have had some trouble pronouncing Eyjafjallajokull. It is maybe not easy but it is someone sad it is similar to “hey I forgot my yogurt”. Here are some miss pronunciations on the half of the new crew.

Watch it in YouTube how they pronounce Eyjafjallajokull

The glacier has erupted 4 times in historic time 920, 1612, 1821 and 2010. All the eruptions were rather small but the 1821 eruption went on for 2 years.

Eyjafjallajokull is the fifth biggest glacier in Iceland. It is 1.666 m above sea level.

If you are planning on flying it is important monitor your flight before you live your home. UK gives out a ash forecast for 12 hours ahead which airlines uses to control their flights. So they know a little bit forehand.

Here you can take a look at the Icelandic airlines.

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