Have you ever tried Icelandic Viking Restaurants?

Never eaten at an Icelandic Viking Restaurants. Here are some of my favorites Viking Restaurants

Wouldn’t you say that trying out an Icelandic Viking Restaurants could bring you an intrusting story to tell when you come home? How you tried out Icelandic shark meat or dried fish. You only live once and Viking restaurants are something you might not find at home.

Café Loki
Is a newly opened Coffee house that is also a textile shop. They are opposite to the cathedral Hallgrimskirkja Reykjavik biggest monument. There menu has some most loved Icelandic dishes like newly baked rye bread with fish stew and Icelandic flat bread with smoked lamb and many more Icelandic dishes.

They are located at Lokastigur 28, tel 466-2828. Opening hours are 10-18 exept on Sunday they are open from 12-18, price range ($-$$)

Fjörukráinn Hafnafirði
If you are into real Viking style Fjorukrainn is something for you. This Icelandic Viking Restaurants is one of a kind. They also have a Icelandic Viking Hotel in the same area. They serve traditional Viking food among other food. They are situated in Hafnarfjordur neighbor town of Reykjavik. To get there from Reykjavik you either have to take a taxi or a bus no:1. They are open from 18-22 every day and located at Strandgata 55, Tel 565-1890. Price range is ($$$)

Is more like where the truck driver stops for lunch. It is working-class restaurant with Icelandic homemade food. If you want to taste Icelandic food like mommy made it you can go to Mulakaffi. The taxidriver and other working class come here to eat food like at home.

Mulakaffi is open working days from 7:30-20:00, Saturday from 7:30-14:00 and Sunday from 11:00-20:00. They are located at Hallarmula, tel 553-7737. Their price range is ($$)

Do you want to have a wonderful day spent in Reykjavik but out in the country? This sounds a bit strange doesn’t it? Well we have this wonderful island just outside Reykjavik harbor. People use to live there 100 years ago but not anymore. There are some old houses were you can sit down and have a traditional Icelandic food or you can bring your own and have a picnic. They even got barbecue if you bring coal for the barbecue.

On this beautiful island Yoko Ono has put her famous Imagine Peace Tower. They tent the light on it from Johns Lennon’s birthday October 9th till his day of death in December and they usually leave the lights on for Christmas.

Videyjarstofa is open from 11:30-17:00 every day of the week during the summer. You have to take a boat from Sundahofn (not the main harbor). The ferry leaves every hour from 11:15 from Sundahöfn until 19:15 which is the last trip to the island. There is one trip from Reykjavik main harbor and that is at 12:00. You can take bus no:5 to get to Sundahofn from down town Reykjavik.

If you are planning on buying food at Videyrjarstofa they have soups, salads, sandwiches and traditional cakes. Their price ranges are ($-$$).

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