Reykjavik hottest Steakhouses

If you like a juicy steak, try out some of Icelandic best steakhouses

If you are more of a meat person then a fish one try out some of Reykjavik hottest steakhouses. You would not want to miss them. Here is a list of few but you can find steak in every restaurant in Reykjavik so these one specializes in steaks.

Is a very nice Steakhouse. They have a special atmosphere, red carpet, open fire in a fireplace, big leather chairs and Havana cigars is what comes to mind when I thing of Argentina Steakhouse. If you are a fan of steaks I would not miss Argentina steakhouse. It is an experience by itself. If you or one in your group more of a fish person they also have that so don´t worry.

They are located at Baronstigur 11A, tel 551-9555. They are open every day from 18:00-24:00, price range ($$$$).

Is the oldest restaurant in Reykjavik but very up-to-date. They have very good soup and salad bar and they are famous for their steak buffet which is every Sunday. This is very family friendly restaurant. They are located at Sudurlandsbraut 4, tel: 553-9700. They are open every day from 11:30-22:00, price range is ($$).

Hereford Steakhouse
If you want a real steak, Hereford is it. The location is excellent, if you walk Laugavegur the main shopping street you won’t miss the sign, they are on second floor in a new house with an elevator.

You can watch the chef while he is cooking your steak since the grill is in the middle of the Restaurant with open fire. Location is Laugavegur 53b, tel: 511-3350. They are open every day from 17:00-24:00 and price range is ($$$$).

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