The Best Icelandic Oriental cuisine

For those who love spicy Oriental cuisine

Do you want to spice up your live a little bit? Why not try out some Icelandic Oriental cuisine. Here are few of my favorite oriental cuisine in Iceland.

Is one of Icelandic oldest Chinese restaurant. They have a buffet at lunch time. This Icelandic Oriental cuisine has a great variety of different food on their menu. When I want good Chinese food I come here. They are located at Laugavegur 10, Tel: 562 6210. Their price range is ($$).

Austur Indiafelagid
This is the restaurant where I came to love Indian food. It is the oldest Indian restaurant in Iceland, it has been here for over 15 years. Indian food is my favorite, all these different spices and different texture of food The East Indian company (the English translation of the name) got it all. I highly recommend this Iceland Oriental cuisine. They are located at Hverfisgata 56, Tel: 552-1630.They are open every day from 18:00-22:00. The price range is ($$$)

Is one of few Thai restaurants in Iceland. They have very good food and are reasonable in price ($). They are at Laugavegur 130, which is above Hlemm the down town bus terminal. They are open every day from 18:00-22:00, Tel 552-2444.

Indian Mango
Is more upper class Indian restaurant that specializes in food from Goa. They have a lovely dining room that is in down town Reykjavik at Frakkastigur 12, Tel: 551-7722. They are open 17-22 every day but closed on Sundays. Ttheir price range is ($$$)

Kitchen eldhús Nepal
Is very new Nepalian restaurant situated at Laugavegur 60a. I just tried this Iceland Oriental cuisine and it was very amazing experience. The service was top quality and the food was just math watering. My daughter said she had never tasted so good Tikka masala ever and that is what she always gets when we go to an Indian restaurant. We will defiantly go back and try out some other things on the menu. To reserve a table please call: 517-7797. They are open for lunch Monday-Friday 12:00-14:40, Saturday from 12:30-14:00 and for dinner every night from 17:30-22:00. Their price range is ($$$)

Shalimar is a very friendly, homey restaurant. The good thing about this restaurant is that they have 3 prepared main courses which you can choose form or combine and you don’t have to wait for them to prepare the food from the menu. I find this very good because I am often starving when I arrive at the restaurant and don’t like to wait for the food. But for those how like to try out the menu they have a great assortment that you can choose from. I and my husband come here often and we love this little Iceland oriental cuisine. Shalimar is located at Austurstraeti 4, Tel: 551-7722. They are open every day from 11:30-22:00. Their price range is ($-$$).

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