Restaurants by the Harbor

Are you looking for Restaurants by the harbor? Well we have few and they are growing in numbers these minutes. Most of them are seafood restaurants but very different though. It can be fun walking to the waterfront and take a look at the marina and sit in a nice restaurant and have a bite. The walking distant from town down Reykjavik to the harbor is just few minutes .

Is the best hamburgers in town says Jonathan Finer at The Washington Post. The owner is famous for bringing the American hamburgers to Iceland 30 years ago. He has owned and runned over 20 restaurants. When you enter the Hamburger Joint you will feel like you are back to the sixties, the walls are covered with pictures of Blues Brothers and John Mellencamp, everybody ordering cheeseburgers and milkshakes. This restaurant by the harbor is one of a kind

Is a lobster ship that is situated in Reykjavik harbor. They serve both fish and meat but they are specialist in fish dishes and service great meal in a special surrounding area. They are at Geirsgötu 11, Tel: 562-2300, price range ($$$).

Is a newly opened fish restaurant by the harbor. They are situated near the harbor, a bit out of the way but the good thing is that they offer a pickup service for dinner. They have the freshest of the fish on the marked and are reasonable in pricing. I recommend Fish Cakes Grandma Style they are my favorite and a lot of others favorite to because it is the most popular dish on the menu.

Sjavarbarinn is at Grandagardi 7, Tel: 517-3131. They are open 11:00-22:00 but on Sundays from 16:00-22:00. Their price range is ($$-$$$)

Sushi smiðjan
Is rather new sushi place near the harbor. You can ether take the food with you or eat it there looking over the marina. They are situated at Geirsgötu 3, tel :517-3366, they are open from 11:30-22:00 every day. Price range ($$).

Is a very special place. If you want something different, new and adventures try Sægreifinn. Were your jeans and jacked but not a toxido, and you will feel at home or maybe not at home it is so different. They serve grilled fish and whale meat on a stick or get threir soupe with a bread basket. Buy as many fish sticks as you like and you will enjoy eating it inside or outside with the view over the marina. They are at Geirsgötu 8, tel: 553-1500. They are open 11:30-22:00 summertime (but only till 21:00 wintertime). Their menu vary from summer to winter. Price range is ($$).

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