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Are you into International Restaurant and cooking? Take a look at our best and fanciest restaurants in Iceland.

I am maybe not the best person to write about International restaurant, because I find them often too expensive for me and too much for the eye, meaning too little food and to fancy line-up on the dish. I am told this is how the French do it. Maybe when I get older I might appraise this kind of food. I will just write from my heart and experience.

101 Hotel
Is a hotel with a restaurant as you have probably figured out. It is a very nice restaurant with excellent service and rather small restaurant hall. We had a very nice food and service there. What I liked the best about this nice evening is when we sat down at the sitting room with an open fire and my tea I felt I was at home. 101 Hotel is down town at Hverfisgata 10. It is best to reserve a table in forehand. Phone 580 0101, price range ($$$$).

Einar Ben
The name comes from historic person who was ahead of his time in so many ways. He was a great poet as so many Icelandic great men. This very nice restaurant is on the second floor and has a view over the plaza Ingólfstorg (no elevator). I have not been here for many years but looking at the menu makes you want to go there. They are located at Veltusund 1, phone 511-5090. There price range is ($$$$).

Is a restaurant which is a part of Hotel Reykjavík Centrum. It is in newly build hotel in old fashion style. I went with my mother to this nice restaurant. I got a very nice salad for the main cores and she got a very good dish with meat. We got an excellent service.
This International restaurant is located in Adalstraeti 16 but this old street is the oldest street in Reykjavik and the name in English would be “main road”. They are open from 18:00 every night and the phone number to reserve a table is 514 6060. There price range is ($$$$).

The Grill is one of Icelandic best and oldest International restaurant. It is on top floor of Radisson SAS hotel near Reykjavik down town. It has a certain dignity and only the top chef work here. The restaurant has lovely view over Reykjavik and spectacular menu. If you are looking for the best Grillid would be it. Reserving a table is a must and the phone number is 525 9960. It is open from 18:00-22:00 from Tuesday to Saturday. Price range is ($$$$).

Here is a famous moment in Icelandic movie when 3 mentally ill men go from a mental hospital to eat at Grillid.

Hotel Holt
When I and my husband got married my mother and father invited us to dine here with our family. We dined and spent the night at this very nice and dignified hotel. Everybody was unanimous that the food was spectacular. If you have a special moment to celebrate Hotel Holt would be the place to do it at. Hotel Holt is also famous for having a great collection of art on their walls. They are located at Bergstadastraeti 37, phone number 552-5700. Their evening open are 18:00- 22:30 but they are also open for lunch. Price range is ($$$$).

The virgin is not International restaurant it is Danish. Since we (the Icelanders) once had a Danish king we like to talk about the Danish as our relatives, and we like so many things that is Danish. This restaurant offer Danish open sandwich, with all kinds of goodies on them, meat, fish and vegetable. I like this Danish open sandwich very much and my mother always comes here every year the day before Christmas and I thing she always eat too much, that is how good it is.

Jómfrúin is in Laekjargata 4 and to reserve a table call 551 0100, they are open from 11:00 to 18:00 price range is ($$)

Is in an old black house which some people fought for many years ago, the city wanted to build new houses but the people wanted to keep these wonderful line of old houses. Laekjarbrekka is famous for having Icelandic ingredients on the menu, I often see seabirds and other Icelandic things. They offer very good food. I and my husband have often visited this old nice International restaurant and that tells you we like it a lot. I remember once I got very good garlic roasted shrimps in the shell. It was a bit mess eating them but I loved it. If you walk Laugavegur you won’t miss it, actually it is at Bankastraeti 2 but Bankastraeti is the same street as Laugavegur when you get near center of Reykjavik. To reserve a table call 551 4430. They are open from 11:30-23:00. Price range is ($$$$).

The Pearl is a wonderful place to visit. It is one of Reykjavik monuments which you must visit when you come to Iceland. If you are not planning a dinner you could always come to the cafeteria to look at the view. The restaurant on the top floor spins around itself on a low speed and it has a very nice atmosphere. The service and the food are just the best you won´t be disappointed. I´ve been several times to Perlan and always been satisfied, well more than that I´ve been glad and got that good feeling that I chose Perlan to celebrate my big moment. The restaurant is open from 18:00 every day and the cafeteria is open from 10-21 every day. To reserve a table at the restaurant please call 562 0200. Their restaurants price range is ($$$$).

Is located in an old brew factory. If you have a drink on the second floor before or after the meal you will be sitting in one of the tangs or were they were before, that kept the bier before. The restaurant has excellent food and good service. Last time I went to Rauðará was on a Christmas buffet and that was the best Christmas buffet I have ever had and I´ve been to few of them in different restaurants. Raudara is located at Rauðarástíg 37 and to reserve a table just call them at 562 6766, their price ranges is ($$$$)

Specializes in Danish open sandwich like Jómfrúin. They are more like a coffeehouse than a 4 star restaurant. They are located at Laugavegur 24 their phone number is 578 4888. Price range is ($$)

Is one of the new fancy International restaurants. It located in the oldest hotel in Reykjavik, Hotel Borg, down town just beside Althingi. They have excellent food and service but last time I was at Silfur I only had the main course which tasted great but it was not enough so I would plan on having a starter to be full when I leave. Their address is Pósthússtræti 11 and phone number 578 2008, price range is ($$$$)

Taste 1919
Is newly renovated International Restaurant at the nice Hotel 1919. I have not been there since the renovated the place, but I am told it is good. They are situated at Pósthússtræti 2 and their phone number is 599 1050. Their price range is ($$$$)

Is one of my favorite places. I have only been there to Brunch and they have spectacular brunch buffet. They are located in one of Icelandic tallest building on the top floor so they have a very nice view. The chef are amazing, they can charm the most delicious courses on the table. If you like a good food at lunch time Turninn would be it. They are located in Kopavogur, Smaratorg 3 and I would reserve a table if I was planning to come here, there phone number is 575 7500. They only serve brunch or lunch. Price range is ($$$).

Vox is a high class International restaurant located in Hotel Hilton. I was there two times last year both for brunch and it is amazing what these chefs can do with food. They are artist and food is their material. I have also been with my mother for dinner and we were not disappointed, on the contrary we were so happy that we were in seven haven. Vox is located at Sudurlandsbraut 2 and it is best to reserve a table tel: 444 5050. Lunch buffet are from 11:30 to 14:00 and they are open for dinner from Wed- SAT 18:30-22:30. The price ranges is ($$$$).
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