Icelandic Restaurants South

Are you planning on a daytrip to south of Iceland? There are many Icelandic restaurants south which you can choose from, here are my four favorites.

Hafið Bláa
Hafid blaa is situated in a very beautiful surrounding area, beside the open Atlantic Ocean in south of Iceland. They have very broad menu but focus especially on fish. If you visit this lovely restaurant take a look at the ceiling, it was build like a boat upside down. The only way to visit is by a car, but if you are renting a car or have your own this is a lovely stop on your way to Reykjavik from your trip to the south of Iceland or even to the Reykjanes peninsula. This Icelandic restaurant south is located at the mouth of a Ölvusá river, Þorlákshöfn. It is best to reserve a table by phone 483-1000. Price ranges is ($$$-$$$$).

Lobsterharbor as the name translates to specialize in whole Lobster. They have very good dishes and good service. They are located at the heart of lobster fishery. They are only open at summer time and if you are taking the ring road, take your time to stop at this very nice Icelandic restaurant south for a real Icelandic treat. Location: Hafnarbraut 4, Hornafirði, Tel 478-1200. They are open every day from 12-22. Price range is ($$$-$$$$)

Is a very nice restaurant at little town Eyrabakki in south of Iceland. The Red House has very nice food menu and excellent service. I and my husband had a lovely dinner at The Red House which we enjoyed very much. They are located at Búðarstíg 4, Eyrabakka, Tel: 483-3330. There price range is ($$-$$$).

Við Fjöruborðið
Is one of the most popular tourist restaurants in the south of Iceland. They specialize in lobster and they serve several courses with lobster. I have been there several times and I always get the feeling I am coming home. This Icelandic restaurant south is right beside the open sea in a little town called Stokkseyri. They are open Wed-Thu 18-21, Fri 17-21, Sat 12-22 and Sun 12-21. They are located at Eyrarbraut 3a, Stokkseyri, Tel 483-1550. Price range is ($$$-$$$$.)

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