Icelandic Christmas Buffet

Icelandic Christmas Buffet is very similar between restaurants both in courses and prices. The buffet usually begins in mid of November and last through December. If you plan on trying out Christmas buffet in Iceland I would recommend that you reserve a table before, the restaurants are sometimes very busy during this season.

On the Icelandic Buffet table there are many different courses they usually are something like this: Hot dishes:Slices of lamb, roast pork, smoked pork, sweetened potatoes, white sauce with potatoes ( icelandic style ) and more. Cold dishes: Smoked salmon, Marinated salmon, Smoked lam, 3 types of herring, Salted cod salad, reindeer paté and more. They always have some Christmas desserts. Their restaurants price range is ($$$$).

Hotel Loftleidir
Has a very nice restaurant that has a very nice Christmas buffet. They are both open for lunch and dinner. I have been with my mother several times and we always love it. They are located at Hlíðarfaeti, Tel: 444 4050.

Perlan has a lovely Icelandic Christmas Buffet. It is one of Reykjavik monuments which you must visit when you come to Iceland. The restaurant on the top floor spins around itself on a low speed and it has a very nice atmosphere. The restaurant is open from 18:00.To reserve a table at the restaurant please call 562 0200.

The restaurant has excellent food and good service. Last time I went to Rauðará was on a Christmas buffet and that was the best Christmas buffet I have ever had and I´ve been to few of them in different restaurants. Raudara is located at Rauðarástíg 37 and to reserve a table just call them at 562 6766.

Is one of my favorite places. Turninn (The Tower) only servce lunch buffet. They are located in one of Icelandic tallest building on the top floor so they have a very nice view. They have a bit more international Christmas buffet so they miss out some of the Icelandic trational courses. If you like a good food at lunch time Turninn would be it. They are located in Kopavogur, Smaratorg 3 and I would reserve a table if I was planning to come here, there phone number is 575 7500.

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