Icelandic Restaurants North in Akureyri

I love to visit Akureyri and their Icelandic restaurants North. We just went on a little trip with our new born baby, and it was so much fun. Akureyri is somehow different from the capital city Reykjavik. The landscape is different and also less stress. We just drove and it took about 5 hours. We lived with a relative but Akureyri has also many very nice guesthouses and Hotels.

We just love to go to the swimming pool with our baby and she loves is too. Akureyri is famous for its swimming pool and ice-cream.

Bautinn is one of the oldest restaurants in Akureyri. They are located in one of the oldest house in town. They sometimes have very good offers. They are famous for their salad bar which comes with every main course. They are situated at Hafnarstræti 92, Tel: 462-1818. Price range is ($$-$$$).

Bláa kannan
Is a very nice coffee house in the main shopping street. It is very cozy in a old blue house. I just went last weekend and got myself a tee and a cake and I just loved the atmosphere. Someone was playing the piano and some girls were doing their homework on the next table, very homey.

They are located in Hafnarstræti 96, Tel 461-4600. Opening hours are working days 9-23 and weekends 10-23. Price range is ($).

Brynju ís
Brynju ís is not a Icelandic restaurants North but Akureyris inhabitant are so proud of it that I had to talk about it. It is a ice-cream shop which sells unique ice-cream. We had some and it was sooooo good. I can definitely recommend it with hot caramel sauce. They are located at Aðalstræti 3, Tel: 462 4478.

Greifinn is very casual and family friendly Icelandic restaurants North. Their goal is to have the varied menu so it could be difficult for you to choose or everybody can find something for them self’s. We visit Akureyri recently and went to Greifinn and we got just what we wanted. They are located at Glerárgötu 20, Tel: 460 1600. Opening hours are from 11:30-22:00 but Fri and Sat to 23:00. Price range is ($$$-$$$$).

Indian curry
Indian curry is famous Indian take away restaurant. Before I went to Akureyri this time I had heart for many years that this was one of the best Indian restaurants in Iceland. So we decided to try it out and we were not disappointed. We ordered 4 different dishes and they were all excellent and more food for us then we could eat. They are the only place in Akureyri which has Tandoor oven and of course real nan bread. They are located in Hafnarstræti 100b, Tel 461-4242. Opening hours are Tuesday-Friday 11:30-13:30 and 17-21, Sat-Sun 17:00-21:00. Price range is ($-$$).

La vita bella
Is an Italian restaurant with all the Italian food you can wish for. They are located in the same house as Bautinn at Hafnarstræit 92, Tel: 461-5858. They are open every day from 18:00. Price range is ($$-$$$$).

Strikið is on the top floor of one of the highest building in Akureyri. They have a great view over the harbor and down town. It is a very pleasant restaurant with excellent service and food. I highly recommend this Icelandic restaurants North. They are located at Skipagata 14, Tel: 462-7100. Opening hours are from 11:30 every day. Price range is ($$$).

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