Food and Fun festival in Iceland

15 restaurants participate in the Icelandic Food and Fun festival. 15 of surpassing cooks of the world team up with 15 of the best restaurants in Reykjavik. It is a must to use Icelandic ingredient in the competition. In the restaurants in Reykjavik they have setup a 4 dishes menu just for this occasion. Over 60 foreign cooks have arrived in Iceland because of the festival.
Food and Fun by Viktor

This is the seventh time that the Food and Fun festival is held and this year they will place emphasis on new Nordic cuisine at the festival but not the old traditional food like ram testicles and sharks.

The fifteen restrant that know participate in festval are, Brasserie Grand, Domo, Einar Ben, Gullfoss Restaurant, Hotel Holt - Gallery, La Primavera, Ó Restaurant,Rauðará Restaurant, Silfur, The Fishmarket, The Grill, The Pearl, The Seafood Cellar, Við Tjörnina, and VOX Restaurant.

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