Iceland Omega 3

Iceland omega 3 is very important for our memory and mood. Deficiency in Omega 3 can lead to depression and low moods. Lack of Omega 3 can make people more stressful and actuate ADHD. Omega 3 can lower cholesterol and help one with heart health and many more.

This vital fatty acid has many desirable effects on the human body and can help with many diseases. The fatty acids help us burn calories because they change to prostaglandin and therefore helps the kidney to get rid of excessive water. Appetite for food will diminish because the fatty acids are so satisfying. Our brain health has a lot to do with how much Omega 3 and Omega 6 we get. Too little Omega can cause a difficulties in studying for children

There are 8 fatty acids that the body does not produce itself and that is why we call it the 8 essential fatty acids. Omega 3 is one of those fatty acids. A good source of Iceland omega 3 is in fish oil or also flax seed oil for vegetarians. Fatty fish like Salmon, mackerel, menhaden, herring and sardines are good sources of fish oil because they have a higher fat content and provide more omega 3 factors than other fishes. Eat fatty fish 2 times pr. week or take Omega 3 capsule every day. Some of us don’t eat a lot of fish or flaxseed and that is why we lack omega 3 fatty acids. There many people those are deficiency in Omega 3.

There are many deficiency symptoms that you can be aware of: Dry skin, dry and lifeless hair, hair loss, extra dry lips, swallow sore joint, weariness, depression, problems with oestrous cycle, problems with bowel movements, problems with fertility, poor immune system and many more.

History about Iceland Omega 3
Around 1980s, omega-3 essential fatty acids were in the news in a big way because of a discovery by Danish researchers involving the Inuit’s living above the Arctic Circle in Greenland. Two things interested scientists about the Inuit’s: their unique diet, and their health. The Inuit diet is rich in cold-water fish and the fat of whales and seals. From such a massive fat intake, and a comparative lack of fresh fruit and vegetables, the scientists expected to find high levels of heart disease among the Inuit people. Yet the Inuit’s have unusually low levels of heart disease – and very low levels of rheumatoid arthritis as well.

Take a supplement if you don’t eat fish or don’t like it, you might notice a different in your overall health and well being. You can get a good Iceland Omega 3 in your local store or on the internet.

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