Restaurants in Iceland

Are you looking for Restaurants in Iceland? It is easy we have some great choice of all kinds of cuisine. Find your favorite or something new and exciting to choose try out.

We have put together a list of our most favorable restaurants that you can take a look at here.

So what kind of food are you into?
I often get the question “where is a good restaurant nearby?” I always ask back, what kind of food do you like? We have all kinds of restaurants to choose from. Seafood restaurants are very popular and International restaurants as well. Some are looking for something more inexpensive when other likes to spice it up with Indian spices and food.

Are you vegetarian?
We have some great vegetarian restaurants but if you are dining with other not vegetarian you can always find something on the menu that is strictly vegetarian or make a little change of some items. The waiter and the chef are always prepared to go the extra mile for you, that is my experience. Are you a raw foodist? That is fairly new here so it is a little bit more difficult but we do have 1 restaurant that serve delicious raw food, but on a regular restaurant I am a freight it is mostly salad for you

Do you need to dress up?
Well most places no but to feel comfortable you would like to put on something nice for the more expensive restaurants. I see tourist at summertime eating out just in there traveling close in most restaurants. These traveling cloths cost a fortune some of them are even more expensive than a dress or a suit so why not use them and show them of like a nice dress.

How to find good restaurants in Iceland?
It is sometimes a problem since we have so many, with help from our Guide to Icelandic Best restaurants. you can narrow down your favorites.

We have put them in 3 catagoris

  • Restaurants by Food Type

  • Restaurants by Cuisine

  • Restaurants by Neighborhood

Make a choice and enjoy.


How much will you spent?
It is always a good thing do know aproximently how much you will spend before you leave your Hotel isn´t it? Well we can´t tell you that but you can estimate your spending by looking at our price ranges side here.

Final tip
It is a good thing to make a reservation for the more upper class restaurants. It is always disappointing to be at the restaurant fully dressed for the occasion and no table for you. Also if you have a special request, it is now a good thing to bring it up when you reserve the table. The cooks sometimes panic when the kitchen is just floating with reservation and you ask for something out of the blue. Give the chef some time to make something special for you.

All restaurants in Iceland are non smoking by law. But don´t worry most of them have tables and position outside to smoke.

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