Restaurants downtown Reykjavik

You are planning a trip and want to find some restaurants downtown Reykjavik. Imation you are now at the bus terminal Hlemmur. You have decided to take a walking tour through the center of Reykjavik and take a look at the most popular restaurants downtown Reykjavik.

As you begin to walk the Laugavegur a little bit downhill you will see many shops and the first restaurant we see is Argentina steakhouse. It is on a side street called Baronstigur to your right.

The next restaurant is on you left side when you have walked for maybe 5 minutes. It is called Kitchen eldhús Nepal and just few steps away on you right side is Noodle house on the second floor.

When you go on take a look at your right side just few steps from the Noodle house is the great Hereford Steikhouse on the second floor. Now you are getting near to cross over the forth side street from Hlemmur (the bus terminal).

On the forth side street you can get Indian food. 3 of our best Indian restaurants downtown Reykjavik are very close by. One Indian Mango is uphill on Frakkastigur but if you go downhill to Hverfisgata you will both find Austurlandahraðlestin just on the corner but if you walk down hill on Hverfisgata just few steps you will find Austur Indiafelagid

If you decide you are not into Indian food today you should go again up to Laugavegur (the main shopping street). On your left side one house from the corner Laugavegur-Frakkastigur there is this beautiful Italian restaurant called Rossopomodoro. You find the smell tempting but you are maybe not that hungry jet so you go on. As you are walking from the Italian restaurant I find a smell of newly baked bread from our lovely bakery and coffeehouse Sandholt you have decided that you are going to drop in on them tomorrow morning and get something warm newly baked with an Italian cup of coffee. Just few houses away there is a Scandinavian restaurant with open sandwich. On your next crossroad Klappastigur you will see if you look uphill another Italian restaurant Basil & Lime on your right side and if you look a little bit further there is a vegetarian restaurant Kaffi Gardur on the left side of the street. If you are into vegetarian you should try out one of our best vegetarian restaurants downtown Reykjavik. Á næstu grösum which is on the second floor of the corner Laugavegur – Klappastigur.

You are determined to go on and explore some more. Laugavegur is your street and you take your step one at a time and you see to restaurants downtown Reykjavik opposite from each other Asia on your left and Italia on your right you have now crossed over one and half crossroad from Klappastigur. The next street that lights to Laugavegur is Skolavordustigur. If you look uphill on these crossroads you will see the church Hallgrimskirkja (cathedral). By the cathedral there is a very nice coffee house called Kaffi Loki.

Deli the little take away place is on your left hand and a lot of coffeehouses. You are getting closer to the City Center. Now the street changes the name from Laugavegur to Bankastræti and it is more downhill than before. You will find the next restaurant at the bottom of Bankastræti on your left in old black wooden house. It is called Lækjabrekka and beside it is Humarhusid (lobsterhouse).

When you are standing still in Bankastraeti looking downhill, take a look at the building to your left called Ida. It is a bookstore on first floor but a sushi restaurant on second floor named Osushi. And little bit further is the restaurant Jomfruin the danish open sandwich place on the ground floor.

You want to see some more and you walk straight from Bankastraeti downhill and on the traffic lights the street gets a new name again and it is now called Austurstraeti. At the next crossroad Austurstraeti – Posthusstraeti take a look to your left. You will see the old church and Althingi (the parliament) and many coffeehouses are here. On a good summer day everything is full here. You will also find the old Hotel Borg on your left a little bit in the street it also has the 4 star restaurant Silfur. But if you look to your right you will see the harbor and a cozy restaurant called the Corner (Hornið). On the other side there is a 4 star hotel 1919 and the restaurant Taste 1919 on the ground floor. Behind the restaurant Corner there is the famous Hotdog “The Best in Town” place were Bill Clinton ate at when he visited us.

As you walk along Austurstaeti you will find an Indian restaurant Shalimar on your left and Subway on your right and Kebab house beside Subway. You are now at the City center and the square in front of you is called Ingolfstorg.

At Ingolfstorg there is the restaurant Einar Ben on the second floor. There is also a icecream store and the Icelandic version of Subway called Hlollabatar. There are many other restaurants downtown Reykjavik here. If we begin on Adalstraeti to your left, there is a restaurant called Fjallakotturinn and then a Japanese restaurant named Fish market. At the end of the street there is a restaurant named Tabasco’s, Kaffi Reykjavik and up the street Vesturgata you will find 4 of very good restaurants downtown Reykjavik Geysir bistro bar, Sjavarkjallarinn is in the cellar and beside it is Tapas bar Spanish restaurant and on the other side there is Fiskifelagid in the cellar.

There are a few other restaurants down town little bit further from Laugavegur. Fish restaurant 3 frakkar (Three overcoats), Graenn kostur is a vegetarian restaurant in Skolavordustigur and others that I am probably forgetting at the moment.

I hope you will find your favorite restaurant and find this information useful. Enjoy life it is too short for bad mood and bad restaurants.

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