Reykjavik Bars

Reykjavik bars are famous for their night live. If you are into a night out at the town, Reykjavik is your place.

The capital comes a live every Friday and Saturday night and it last until the morning after.

Many tourist visit Iceland just for its nightlife, they party like wild while they stay here and they are not disappointed.

To enter one of these bars is free except if there is a band playing the entering fee may be from 1500-3000 ISK. On New Year’s Eve when everything goes wild I mean totally wild, Reykjavik is like war ground there is booming everywhere the pubs will charge entering fee.

Reykjavik Bars  Address Phone
Austur - Bar  Austurstræti 7 568 1907
B5 Bankastræti 5 552 9600
Bakkus Héðinsgötu 1 511 1711
Barbara Laugavegi 22 895 5010
Boston Laugavegi 28b 517 7816
Café Oliver Laugavegi 20a 552 2300
Danska kráinn Ingólfstræti 3 552 0700
Dillon Laugavegi 30 578 2424
Dubliner Hafnarstræti 4 511 3232
Ellefan Laugavegi 11  
English pub Austurstræti 12 578 0400
Hressingarskálinn Austurstræti 20 561 2240
Hverfisbarinn Hverfisgata 20 699 1105
Kaffibarinn Bergstaðastræti 1 551 1588
Karamba Laugavegi 22a  
Prikið  Bankastræti 12 551 2866
Rosinberg Klappastíg 25  
Sódóma Tryggvagata 22 821 6921
Thorvaldsen bar Austurstræti 8 511 1413
Vegamót Vegamótastíg 3 511 3040

A hip place located in the heart of Reykjavik's downtown area. A simple menu, but it contains this and that at a fair price. Whether you'd like to grab a beer, drink or dinner, Austur is a decent choice - especially in a group of friends. At night on weekends it turns into a nightclub, playing the newest pop and attracting people in their twenties and thirties.

One of Reykjavik bars that is a posh bar/café. It is usually stuffed with the well-dressed and tanned. B5 is very popular on weekends, when it turns into a DJ driven night-club. Has a good private room in the basement, which can be booked for private parties.

"Mango Breezers and pack of Salem Lights"? I don't think so! This is a drinker’s bar. We serve drinkers drinks. They have huge selections of assorted vodka brands and cheap beer. Opens when you show up, and closes when you leave

What can a person say about the pinkness that is named Barbara?

Reykjavík has a very open gay culture. The country has been a world leader for gay rights. People rarely give a second thought to the fact that their friends are gay, which creates a very accepting atmosphere. Because of this, Reykjavík does not have a need for many "gay bars." In fact, I have a theory that the only reason we have the gay bar is for the type of music played.

Barbara has replaced Q Bar as the only proper gay bar in downtown. You can't miss this building. The bright pink building, door, and sign only give you a small taste of what is to come upon entering. Barbara is a unique place. You will be hard-pressed to find other Reykjavik bars where you can dance the night away to the likes of Cher, Dolly Parton, Lady Gaga, Madonna, and all the classic divas mixed with modern pop, dance, disco, and miscellaneous music.

People frequent this bar to simply have a good time. They come here with open minds, open hearts, ready to meet new people and sing along to their favorite songs while drinking themselves silly.
While I occasionally complain about the lack of a better bar for the gay community, Barbara is a bit of a guilty pleasure. I tend to look past the pink interior and tacky decorations to see the energy and warmth that the patrons add to the bar. Overall, you will probably have fun and you will definitely have an interesting experience.

One of the arty Reykjavik bars on Laugavegur. Has a cool atmosphere. Not really big and is usually crowded around 10 PM on weekends, making it a good place to start the fun as most other places don't come alive until after midnight. Has a bar/café feeling to it on week-days. The age range of people is usually from 25-40.

Café Rósenberg
If you're hungry for some live music, this is the place to go. Usually has performances most nights of the week. Jazz, folk, troubadours, blues, etc. They've got a sweet bar and a nice menu. A homy place just off Laugavegur.

Café Oliver
A cool Reykjavik bar n' bistro that changes into a nightclub on the weekends for the younger crowds. The menu offers all kinds of stuff at fair-enough prices. The service could however be improved.

Danski barinn
Is a Reykjavik bar for young hippy people.

Dillon is pub with lots of rock´n roll music, sweat and black cloths. When you walk in there will probably be a rock’n roll band playing for the guests.

One of the coziest Reykjavik bar that is not one the main bar route on Laugavegur. The atmosphere is relaxed and people come there to sit, talk and drink rather than drink and dance, but there is live music there during the weekends. The customer average age is around 40.

is a bar that is open late plays rock’n roll music and more for a hippy kind of people.

English pub
This is a genuine English Pub. Says it all. Go there and enjoy a pint with the lads, spin the wheel and have a good laugh.

Hressó is a very nice bisto/café/bar and serves good food at a good price. It is in the center of down town and has a really nice and big garden during the summer where you can enjoy your food there.
On Thursday, Friday and Saturday there is live music and Dj after that on weekends. Hressó is the oldest café in Reykjavík and was open in 1932.

is for blond, brown beauties. That love to tan them self´s.

There is a reason that Kaffibarinn has stood the test of time. While most of the best Reykjavik bars in Iceland have closed down in the past few years, Kaffibarinn continues to bring an eclectic, fun-loving crowd through its doors. You will find every type of person in Kaffibarinn on almost any night. Artists, Gay, Straight, Musicians, Actors, Business men, all creates an unmatchable atmosphere.

If you plan on going to Kaffibarinn, be sure to arrive by 01:00 in the morning, as us locals will usually take over soon after and the wait to enter can be quite long.

I am told that in this Reykjavik bar stars are taken in front of the line. Here are more of a hippy people that loves drinks and music.

Restaurant, bar and cafe!

The atmospheric Prikið is one of the oldest café's in town. It has a warm diner feel too it during the day, but when the weekend comes this cozy diner turns into the most active bar in the Reykjavik hip-hop scene!

But though the nightlife is great, what I love most about Prikið is their breakfast.. The breakfast menu includes everything from cheerios too the Hangover Killer (a hangover sandwich, Bruce Willis milkshake with Jack Daniel's and Treo painkiller tablet)!

They actually have quite a large (and good!) menu for such a small place, and the prices aren't too bad either.

is a music bar often with a live music, hippies and rock and roll.

Thorvaldsen bar
Here you can see a good blend of tan girls that love glamour and people that have lived a little. Say no more.

A great Reykjavik bar and bistro. A good location just off Laugavegur. Good food, both snacks and full meals, at decent prices. Perfect during summertime as they've got a sunny veranda! (yes, it's always sunny in Reykjavik). This bar turns into a club at night on weekends. It is a perfect place for a couple or a group of friends to sit down with a beer or a glass of wine and have a bite.

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