Restaurants in Hafnafjodur

Restaurants in Hafnafjodur are many but here are just few of them. They also have great coffee houses, bakeries and more. If you are planning to spend the day in Hafnafjordur you should go and see Hellisgerdi, it is a little park not far from the center of Hafnafjordur. It is where the elf’s and hidden people lives.

They are situated in Hafnarfjordur neighbor town of Reykjavik. To get there from Reykjavik you either have to take a taxi or a bus no:1.

Gamla vinhusid
The Old vine house is located in the heart of Hafnafjordur. They have a menu of fish, meat, pizzas and more. There address is Vesturgata 4a, Hafnafjorudur, Tel: 565-1130. The price range is ($$$$).

Fjörukráinn Hafnafirði
If you are into real Viking style Fjorukrainn (Beach Saloon) is something for you. This Icelandic Viking Restaurants is one of a kind. They also have a Icelandic Viking Hotel in the same area. They serve traditional Viking food among other food. They are open from 18-22 every day and located at Strandgata 55, Tel 565-1890. Price range is ($$$).

Maður Lifandi
Madur lifandi is both stores, vegetarian restaurants and a educational centers. They are situated in Borgartun 26, Hæðasmara 6, Kopavogur and Hafnarborg Strandgötu, Hafnarfirði (only a estaurant). They are not strictly vegetarians since they sometimes have fish or light meat as their main course. They are open from 10:00-20:00 all working days and Saturday from 10:00-17:00. The Hafnarfirdi location is only a restaurant and is open from 11:00-19:00, but Weekends 12:00-17:00. Tel: 585-8700 and their price ranges is ($).

Hafnafjodur is a beautiful little town just next to Reykjavik. It is located around little creek and there for it is an excellent harbor. That is probably the reason for why the Viking settled here. Every year they have a Viking festival when the sun is highest in the sky, June 22 and the week before.

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