Picture of Leif Erickson

Leifur Eiriksson

Picture of Leif Erickson, Son of Iceland, Discoverer of VĂ­nland,by US Sculptor Sterling CalderGift from the People of the USA to Iceland, 1930 "The Vikings in Greenland and The Viking Age settlements in Greenland were established in the sheltered fjords of the southern and western coast. They settled in three separate areas along approximately 650 kilometers of the western coast.

The Eastern Settlement, located at about 45 degrees West and 61 degrees North, was the largest. The remains of almost 450 farms have been identified in this area clustered in the sheltered areas of the inner fjords. Leif Erickson or Eric the Red settled at Brattahlid on Ericsfjord. Most of walls of the structures at Brattahlid that have been excavated are from a date later than the settlement period, but some of the foundations of the house may date from that time. A small turf church some distance from the farm had been identified as Tjodhild's church described in the Sagas. "

Map of Brattahlid

Viking map