Icelandic woman

Linda and Hoffy

The world often portrays Icelandic women as the prototype of the Nordic female. Most of them are blonds with blue eyes. We often here that Icelandic women are very beautiful. And we believe that is true since we have 2 crowned world beauty queens (Miss World). Holmfridur Karlsdottir 1985 and Linda Petursdottir 1988.

The modern career woman or the ideal mothers recall Icelandic female warriors. We are lovers, housewives, working power, friends and mothers. All in one. We work 16 hours per 24 hours, if we are not working at our jobs we are cooking or cleaning or feeding babies. The averages 2 children pr every women in Iceland and we work as hard as the men for less wages. And there is no shame in having illegitimate children here, which is why many foreign women settle here with their illegitimate children.

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Young girls